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    To advance the Cardano community in Canada through assistance, knowledge, interactive events and support for local charities, while providing a stable staking platform for our delegators.
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Welcome to CanadaStakes

Where the stakes are good, and the good are staking.
Based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, at CanadaStakes we believe Cardano provides the foundation of a decentralized future. A contributing member of the CCSPA, CanadaStakes is led by a team with 35+ years of experience running real-time operational systems and boasts a wealth of knowledge and skillsets required for a successful stake pool. We are committed to providing optimal returns for our delegators with low fees.
Proud member of the Canadian Cardano Stake Pool Association (CCSPA).
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Why Choose Us

Low Fees

Introductory fee of 0% so all our delegators can maximize profits while still allowing us to grow our infrastructure


Dedicated hardware for each node with backup AWS servers running on Canadian infrastructure. 24/7 Monitoring using Grafana and Prometheus with real time alerting


Giving back to our local community through various charitable donations and local events

Testnet Pool

Running latest releases on preview and preproduction 24/7 to ensure compatibility and stability

Pool Details


Days Running

Blocks Produced



Total Stake


Pledge Amount


Fixed Cost

0.000   %


85.34   %

First Mainnet Block
# 5,558,907
First Mainnet Block
April 7th 2021
02:06:36 AM UTC
Tenth Mainnet Block
# 5,894,886
Tenth Mainnet Block
June 24th 2021
11:38:34 PM UTC
Hundredth Mainnet Block
# 7,549,390
Hundredth Mainnet Block
July 27th, 2022
02:32:12 AM UTC
Thousandth Mainnet Block
# 8,870,713
Thousandth Mainnet Block
June 6th, 2023
08:04:53 PM UTC

Our Peers

Explore the map to see which Cardano peers we are currently connected to worldwide!

NFT Creation Services

CanadaStakes now offering full NFT Services!
NFT Logo

What is an NFT?

NFT Stands for "Non-fungible token". An NFT is a unique digital asset that exists on the Cardano blockchain as a native Cardano asset. An NFT can be sold, traded, or otherwise exchanged through a Cardano wallet.

How are NFT's created?

NFT's are created through a process known as minting. The minting process places all of the information associated with the NFT onto the Cardano blockchain and produces a native asset that will show up in your Cardano wallet.

What can an NFT consist of?

An NFT can contain any data that can be digitally represented, such as images, videos, written material, etc. In general the associated data, like an image, will be stored in a separate distributed file system. Our preferred file system is the IPFS to store the data, rather than directly on the Cardano blockchain.

How do I get started?

The process is simple!

  1. Select an image you want immortalized on the blockchain, and the associated data (location, date, owner, etc).
  2. Send an email to [email protected] with the details of your request.
  3. Once confirmed, payment can be sent using ADA, and we'll take care of the rest!

Services Available

The following ADA costs apply for NFT Services.

  • NFT Minting: 5₳ per NFT, minimum order of 25₳ (5 Free NFT's with your first order).
  • IPFS upload only, 5₳ per 100 files uploaded (10 Free IPFS uploads with your first order).

Giving Back

When we first started the CanadaStakes pool, it was our goal to use a portion of our rewards to give back to the community through both local and national charities. We have been extremely fortunate to have a growing community standing tall with us, and we're committed to share that fortune with those in need.
The Ottawa Food Bank

The Ottawa Food Bank$300

Find out more
The Ottawa Food Bank

The Ottawa Food Bank$250

Find out more
The Snowsuit Fund of Ottawa

The Snowsuit Fund of Ottawa$250

Find out more
Dans la Rue

Dans la Rue$200

Find out more
The Snowsuit Fund of Ottawa

The Snowsuit Fund of Ottawa$500

Find out more
The Ottawa Food Bank

The Ottawa Food Bank$150

Find out more
Dans la Rue

Dans la Rue$100

Find out more
The Ottawa Food Bank

The Ottawa Food Bank$100

Find out more
The Ottawa Food Bank

The Ottawa Food Bank$200

Find out more
The Ottawa Food Bank

The Ottawa Food Bank$200

Find out more
The Ottawa Food Bank

The Ottawa Food Bank$200

Find out more

Frequently Asked Questions

Cardano is a proof-of-stake blockchain platform: the first to be founded on peer-reviewed research and developed through evidence-based methods. It combines pioneering technologies to provide unparalleled security and sustainability to decentralized applications, systems, and societies.
Ouroboros is the proof-of-stake protocol used by Cardano. It distributes network control across stake pools: node operators with the infrastructure required to ensure a consistent and reliable connection to the network.
Stake pools, also known as node operators, run and maintain the infrastructure required to ensure a consistent and reliable connection to the network. For each slot, a stake pool is assigned as the slot leader, and is rewarded for adding a block to the chain.
ADA holders may delegate their stake to a specific stake pool, increasing its chance of being selected as the slot leader, and share in the stake pool's rewards.
ADA can be obtained through various virtual currency exchanges such as coinbase, binance, Huobi Global and Kraken.
ADA should be stored in an aproved ADA wallet such as Daedalus or Yoroi. To securely store your ADA offline, the use or a hardware wallet in combination with Daedalus or Yoroi will provide safe and secure cold storage of your ADA.
Delegation is done through the Daedalus or Yoroi wallets and requires a 2 ADA deposit and a minimum of 10 ADA remaining in the wallet.

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